“Wine can put new life into you if you drink it in moderation. What would life be like without it? Wine was created to make us happy.”
Sirach 31,27


Fabbri Farm dates to the late eighteenth century. Since then the property has been passed down from father to son over 4 generations and the current owner is Marco Giannoni. It is located in Montanare, a town in Cortona, Tuscany. It is set in a small plain surrounded by hills with altitudes that reach 850 meters above sea level and create a special microclimate in the Chiana Valley, which is connected by a narrow opening. The soil properties are located in an altitude varying between 280 m and 400 m.s.l.m.

In 1990 the current owner inherited the farm, converting the company into a modern viticulture, replanting and extending the area planted with vines. Currently almost half of the vineyard area, which is 10 hectares has been built according to modern standards. New varieties have been introduced such as

 Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Syrah. In the process the vineyard has grown from 1,600 plants per hectare, with installations of 3 meters between rows and 2 meters on the row to 5500 vines per hectare, 2 meters between rows and 0.90 meters on the row. The cultural practices that are carried out in our vineyards, pruning, suckering, suckering, debudding, stripping are all made by hand, because only the expert eye of a man can decide the best action for the good of the plant and the fruit. The machines are a great help, but can not replace the human experience. As the attention and respect of the natural balance of the environment can never be replaced by synthetic products in obtaining a genuine production.


The land consists of 69% sand, 14% silt, 17% clay and is rich in stones (sandstone).


The summer weather is hot, dry, breezy and bright and makes the area an ideal place for growing grapes. These climatic characteristics have allowed the vineyard to obtain high quality products.

In addition to the 10 hectares of vineyards there are 10 hectares of olive groves with about 5 hectares replanted following modern and more rational methods. The olives that are present in the groves are Frantoio and Leccino, which are typical forTuscany.

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